Sunday, 5 January 2014

It's All Over

It's becoming a bit of a New Year ritual in our house. Other people content themselves with putting the Christmas tree away and buying a bunch of flowers to brighten the place up, but for 'Her Indoors' New Year is the perfect time for bathing the dog. One minute it's the odd comment about being a bit wiffy, the next thing I know, I'm in the baby bath with some tea tree oil shampoo. Still, I'm not too bothered this time. My new blanket hasn't seen much action yet, so I'm hoping my bath is a prelude to a spell on the sofa in front of the woodburner. I could do with some comfort. 'Junior Him and Her' went back to uni today so I'm returned to being a child substitute for 'Him and Her Indoors'. They're back at work tomorrow but I could do with a spell of peace and quiet. Christmas is all well and good, but to be honest, all that socialising is exhausting. January is best dealt with by sleeping through it I always think.

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