Sunday, 12 January 2014

Views from the blanket

Well my prediction proved to be correct and the indignities of the dog bath have been followed by a few spells on the sofa, in front of the wood burner.  I've had to adapt my sleeping style.  I normally favour the curled up position with my nose tucked inside my elbow.  However, I've rapidly discovered that another advantage of being on the sofa is that it affords me a particular line of sight of the TV, and being curled up doesn't maximise the viewing potential.  I've adapted to lying straight out, parallel to the arm of the sofa, with my nose on the front edge, so that I can give the TV my full attention in between dozing.

 And I've noticed that in a lot of TV programmes, there is someone playing the faithful dog role.  Take Sherlock Holmes for example, Watson follows him loyally even when he hasn't got a clue what's going on, sometimes at personal risk to himself. Sounds familiar. He also accepts the improbable without question, waiting patiently for Sherlock beyond death itself. Then there was a DVD on the relationship between Bruce Springsteen and his fans.  Rather dog and owner if you ask me.  They follow him all round the country, and the world, just to be in his presence.  Actually, he seems a decent kind of guy and I think he would like me.  I'm a rough kind of dog from working stock, with a good heart and a lack of regard for conventional expectations.  I wonder if he's got a canine bro?

I'm not the only one snoozing either.  Both 'Him and Her Indoors' are prone to the odd nap.  Last night both me and 'Him Indoors' were snoring in unison - very companionable.  Of course 'Her Indoors' never snores because she's a woman and if she did I couldn't possibly comment in public, but let's just say that occasionally, she breathes quite loudly......

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