Saturday, 1 February 2014

Stormy Days

Now I'm not one to complain, but all this bad weather is making 'Her Indoors' a bit grumpy.  She really can't manage an umbrella, gloves, a retractable dog lead and pooh bags all at the same time, and I get the blame.  She dropped her new gloves in the mud; that was my fault.  The umbrella blew inside out; that was my fault.  We had a slight misunderstanding about which direction I was going in and she dropped the retractable dog lead.  It retracted through the mud and hit me up the jack-see; that was my fault too apparently.  Worst of all, one of the pooh bags had a hole in it which she didn't notice...I'm not going to elaborate, but it involved a lot of tissues.  How could that have possibly been my fault?  The other thing I've noticed, is that since I've reached double figures, all my alternative names, practiced in moments of stress, are prefaced by the word 'old'.  Charming!  She's not in the first flush of youth herself and we dogs have feelings too.

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