Sunday, 16 February 2014

SAD and not so sad

I think I've been suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I'm normally a positive, 'cup half full' kind of dog, but all the grey skies and pouring rain have been getting me down a bit.  I'm slightly vertically challenged, so it's not easy for me to see out of the kitchen window and appraise the state of the weather before I emerge into it.  Every morning I wait at the back door whilst 'Her Indoors' puts her copious layers on, then charge outside full of hope and anticipation, only to be met by a sheet of the wet stuff.  It's not only the spirits that are dampened I can tell you.

It didn't help matters when 'Him Indoors' announced I was smelling of dog (what else am I supposed to smell of?) and I found myself back in the baby bath, being lathered up.  I was bathed after Christmas so that's twice in two months.  Not good.

'Her Indoors' tried to cheer me up with some homemade dog biscuits.  I have to say they were delicious, so delicious that 'Him and Her Indoors' ate quite a few themselves.  Bloomin' cheek.

Still, the perfect solution to winter blues has presented itself.  'Junior Him' is back for the weekend, and, if I'm reading the signs right, 'Junior Her' is on the way back for a few days too.  I'm not sure if 'Junior Him' realises it, but those 'bow shaped' savoury biscuits he was tucking into happily last night, were actually home-made dog biscuits in the shape of bones!  I'm not sad any more - thank goodness for family......

Recognise these 'Junior Him'?

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