Saturday, 8 March 2014

Common Ground

Now I'm not an expert, although I have been round the block (and up the lane) a few times, but I've come to recognise that relationships work best if there's some common ground. With me and 'Them Indoors', it's the garden.  We all like being out there.  'Him Indoors' does manly things with power tools and garden machinery, whilst 'Her Indoors' does what she does best: supervises 'Him Indoors', establishes order and expresses her creative and nurturing side through tending her plants and growing veg.  I, on the other hand, like to bark at anything furry or feathered, assist with the watering, ask repeatedly and inexhaustibly for my ball to be thrown and sunbathe strategically.  We're all happy.  Today the sun shone and we've been busy doing all of the above - bliss.  Me and 'Her Indoors' pottered round quite happily, with her 'Her' giving me a little commentary on the state of her plants after the winter and occasionally asking my opinion.  'Him Indoors' decided to start putting up a new greenhouse and got all the bits out, moaning about a lack of labels and poor instructions.  At that point, 'Her Indoors', sensing that my assistance might not go down well, took me inside.  It looks pretty complicated to me.  The old greenhouse was very tatty although it did have a handy missing bottom pane in the door which allowed me free access whenever I felt like it.  I have a feeling the new one won't have that feature.  Still, I'm sure I'll be allowed in, as everyone's in a good mood when the sun is shining and we're in the garden, after all, it's our common ground.

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