Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Another dog with an amazing hair-do has won Crufts. You've got to admire the dedication that must go into making a canine look like an animated piece of topiary. There's a Standard Poodle in a nearby village and they are always exercised wearing a coat and leg protectors to keep their pom-pommy bits clean. I bet they'd be in big trouble if they rolled in foxes pooh. Still, he was an impressive chap and every inch the show dog. 'Her Indoors' wanted the Irish Wolf Hound, James, to win. She's always had a soft spot for the breed but 'Him Indoors' would leave home if she got one. He doesn't like dogs, except for me of course, and an Irish Wolf Hound is a lot of dog. I quite fancy having one as a friend. No-one would pick on me then. 'Him Indoors', rather unexpectedly I've got to say, was rooting for the little Pomeranian, Colin. He's a cute little dog I've got to admit.  There was something in his plucky demeanor that reminded me of the smallest dog in the village. The Wire Haired Fox Terrier got my vote. He's a terrier - what more can I say. 

The heel work to music at the start of the final judging was an impressive display of training and obedience. I wonder why they always use Border Collies for those kind of things? It could be an alternative career path for my old rival, Midge the farm dog, although I'm not sure Bob the farmer would want to prance around in a kilt. It's almost lambing time. I reckon I could have managed mini agility in my prime, or maybe flyball. I can certainly bark a lot so I'd be okay on that front.  Still, on balance, I'm glad I'm a pet. Other occupations seem like quite a lot of work to me. Now where's my basket, I need a little rest.

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