Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Entertaining

Easter time is not as much fun as it used to be. There was a time when Easter egg hunts, with cryptic clues, were the order of the day. 'Junior Him' used to try and find his eggs as quickly as possible and then struggled with the anagram, made up from the letters found with each egg, at the end. 'Junior Her' was slower with the finding, but quicker with the anagram, so the result was usually close. I just used to join in with the general excitement. Those days have gone unfortunately. 'Junior Him' is still at uni finishing off his final project. 'Junior Her' is back but you can't really do an Easter egg hunt on your own. I notice I didn't get a doggy chocolate egg like last year but we did at least have visitors on Easter Sunday. 'Him Indoors' had his Mum, younger brother and his brother's wife over. His brother and wife are owners of my dogs-in-law, Ollie and Archie, both Labradors, so they understand the necessary courtesies of making a proper fuss of me when visiting. Then there was the left overs of the roast chicken. Very nice! I notice I didn't get included in the walk to see the new lambs - I can't think why. A missed opportunity to exchange views with my old foe, Midge the Farm Dog. I wonder if he got roast chicken. Anyway, the Robins have hatched, in case you're wondering, so it must be Spring......

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