Sunday, 27 April 2014

Everyday Happiness

I'm a glass half full kind of dog and I maintain my positive stance by trying to find the fun in everyday situations.  Take our morning walk for example, we go out at roughly the same time of day, along the same lanes, to more or less the same point before we turn around and head for home. So it's up to me to find my own variations. The other morning we met that Golden Retreiver from up the road. I haven't seen him in quite a while. His owner's retired so I suspect he goes out a bit later. Anyway, I did the usual flinging myself at him and barking madly whilst 'Her Indoors' tried to exchange pleasantries with his owner. She muttered a few of my alternative names under her breath once we'd gone past I regret to say but it's worth the scolding. I find all the vocal exercise and dancing around quite invigorating and it gives me a spring in my step for the rest of my walk. 

Then there's the 'will I won't I' get a treat dilemma. We see Milo and his generous owner quite regularly and all that training is paying off. I sit to attention - he gives me the treat. Simples! It's just a shame that I'm so preoccupied with obtaining my dietary supplement that I can't normally stop to greet Milo, as he seems a good sort. He never makes a fuss about me accessing his personal supply of doggy behavioural incentives which is pretty decent I must say. I can't see me taking it kindly if 'Her Indoors' indulged in similar behaviour.

I saw my next door neighbour, Basil, the other morning. We walked passed his gate so he obligingly got to his feet and had a quick woof. I barked back a little, but not too much. Basil is pretty elderly and deserves some respect for living so long. I wonder if he's the oldest dog in the village. Anyway, it's good to see him still doing his stuff. When I stop barking at passing traffic they need to start measuring me for my final kennel.

In the meantime, to quote another old fella, I'll keep dancing. It's good for the soul and keeps me positive.

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