Monday, 28 April 2014

Near Miss

I'm in trouble again and it's not my fault. The good news is that the Robin chicks fledged this morning. The bad news is that I discovered this interesting fact when a baby Robin flew out from under my paws. I was just about to give the little miscreant the instinctive terrier response when 'Her Indoors' shouted at me with a 'you do that and I'll make a hearth rug out of you' type  of voice. It put me off my stride I can tell you. Next thing I know, I'm whisked indoors, and exercise for the rest of the day has been on the lead. In my own garden. The shame. I don't understand why baby birds leave the nest before they can fly properly. This baby Robin, undaunted by his near death experience, zig-zagged and swooped round the garden, crash landing at frequent intervals like a particularly enebriated Aeroflot pilot. What is a self-respecting terrier supposed to do? Still, at least my vigilance means that cats are a rare sighting. It's amazing any baby birds survive to adulthood. All we need now is another ducks' nest and it'll be like Groundhog Day. Perhaps I better check the back border just in case.....

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