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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Understanding the Canine Mentality

One of the good things about 'Her Indoors' is that her job sometimes involves her working from home. She's got an office in the garden and occasionally she has colleagues call in that I get to meet. Last week it was Danielle. There always seems to be a lot of laughter when she's around. Anyway, they came into the kitchen for lunch so I gave her my best starving dog treatment, complete with imploring eyes, holding one paw up, and trembling - that last touch is a winner. It was rather spoilt by 'Her Indoors' briskly telling Danielle to ignore me and listing what I'd eaten that day. Still, Danielle is not a dog owner, and was so desperate to give me something to eat that 'Her Indoors' relented and gave her a dog biscuit to give to me. I ate it in one gulp of course, and Danielle was so taken aback by my speed of consumption that she gave me a little talking too. Apparently, I should be like a squirrel with his nuts and save some until later! Well catching a squirrel has been an unconsummated ambition of mine for many years, and I don't have any nuts since that little operation when I was about a year old. Still the biscuit was nice.

Anyway, if you want a further insight into my intriguing mind, I've got four diary entries coming up, starting in the May edition of 'Dogs Monthly'. 'Her Indoors' has also got an article in there, bless her, on crafting for dogs. There's a large picture of a dodgy looking knitted canine that she made - a kind of Frankenstein dog. 'Junior Him and Her' had better provide some grand children at some point in the next ten years, things are getting desperate......

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