Saturday, 17 May 2014

Further Information

I found out a few interesting facts about my friends and neighbours recently.  Apparently, Henry from next door, is a Raccoon Hound.  There aren't many raccoons in our village so he's had to make do with squirrels.  He's managed to catch one, which is more than I've ever done, in spite of years spent trying.  Henry is a rescue dog but originally, he came from Spain.  I wonder if he understands Spanish?  He understands me alright which is the main thing.

I also discovered that Milo, who's owner is generous with treats, is Greek.  You'd never guess to look at him.  I wonder if he likes yoghurt?

I originally came from Hastings, which isn't that far away so I'm feeling rather dull by comparison.  'Them Indoors' did take me on holiday once to the borders, where our breed originates from.  They've got a photo of me looking cold and miserable sat on Hadrian's Wall.  My breed might hale from those parts, but I'm a nash southerner - what can I tell you. 

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