Saturday, 10 May 2014

Further Training.....

I'm still working on the friend of  'Her Indoors', Danielle. She was over again in the week and I've got the biscuit bit sorted. She can't resist the trembly paw held up. A second biscuit is still an area for development though. Still, I've managed to train her in the ball throwing department. She throws like a bit of a girl but at least she throws it! The training is working.

On a different note, the danger signs are there. 'Her Indoors' has mentioned Ofsted! That'll be her preoccupied and mainly absent for the next week then. Just as well 'Junior Him' is back from university for a few days. He's not terribly reliable in the routine department, but he's good company and I could do with an update on the Arsenal football team.

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