Friday, 13 June 2014

Bunny Bother

'Her Indoors' is working herself into a lather over the rabbits again. She was in her bedroom when she saw one of the little blighters munching their way through her new Aqualegia. She tried shouting at it, then, when that didn't work, she threw her slippers out of the window. I know she throws like a complete gIrl but you've got to admire the tenacity of the rabbit. Insensed by the sheer cheek, she ran downstairs and tried to involve me, encouraged by the calls of 'Him Indoors' to 'release the beast'. I'm usually keen to help, but it was quite late in the evening and I'd had a busy time with my annual veterinary check-up so was catching up on a bit of shut-eye. It led to a bit of muttering about value for money from the £70 vet's bill, but honestly, she's quite capable of chasing the rabbits herself....

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