Sunday, 8 June 2014

Different Routes

We haven't been able to walk along our usual route this week as they've been resurfacing the road. It's just as well that alternative lanes are available. We've had to stray into Midge the farm dog territory. I've been hoping for an opportunity to vigorously exchange views - so bracing first thing in the morning, but 'Her Indoors' prefers the quiet life.  She's not at her brightest and best early in the day, bless her. We normally walk in relative silence, with just the odd comment to me if I try and eat something I shouldn't or if I take too long sniffing at an interesting smell.  All the other morning dog walkers have had to vary their route too. We bumped into Henry from next door one morning, and we also saw the guy with the two Labradors, one chocolate and one black. They remind me of my dogs-in-law, Archie and Ollie.  I wonder if they eat lightbulbs or whether they restrict themselves to a more normal diet? Anyway, the new Tarmac is down so we're back to normal. It's a bit smelly but very smooth on the paws. Nice of the Highways Authority to consider us dogs.

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