Sunday, 29 June 2014

Treat Training

My careful training of Milo's owner has been paying a very satisfactory dividend of late.  When  we meet, which is most mornings, I give the command, by sitting to attention at his feet, and he gives me a treat.  All well and good.  However, the other morning there was a slight breakdown in our arrangement.  I saw Milo as usual and, after a brief hello, rushed to find Mr Milo, but he wasn't there.  It was Mrs Milo instead and she'd forgotten the goodies.  I still gave her the full treatment: sitting looking hungry, with my paw held up, trembling slightly, just to make the point.  She felt suitably guilty.  Apparently Mr Milo is having an operation on his hip and expressly told Mrs Milo not to venture out without the treats and I think my name may have been mentioned.  What a great chap and I must say he's responded particularly well to my training regime.  If you're reading this, Mr Milo, I hope the hip operation went well and that you'll soon be back in action.  I'm missing you.......

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