Sunday, 6 July 2014

Double Dose

I've had two trips to the vets in the last few weeks. The first was for my normal yearly check and vaccination. I got one of the senior partners and he was pretty generous with the treats and admiring of my youthful spritliness. He did all the usual things - listened to my heart, weighed me, gave me some medicine for my old war wound, and checked my teeth.  Anyway, we had to go back two weeks later for my kennel cough vaccination. This time we got a new, young, enthusiastic vet. She was so diligent, she was running half an hour late, which stresses out 'Her Indoors'. When we finally went in, she didn't seem to realise that we'd been there recently before. She checked my heart - it was still there. She checked my teeth and lectured 'Her Indoors' about my build up of plaque. 'Her Indoors' was getting slightly fed up by this point so mentioned,with some asperity, that the previous vet had said my teeth were in okay shape for a dog of my age. She then wanted to weigh me, but 'Her Indoors' pointed out that I was unlikely to have varied much in two weeks.  There was a lengthy monologue about my joints, and I sensed 'Her Indoors' was slightly loosing the will to live. She agreed to buy some fish oil tablets but I suspect she only did so to facilitate an escape. We did finally get away, but by the time we got home, 'Her Indoors' had a cold tea and was a bit p****d off! Still, she knows I'm worth it! 

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