Friday, 11 July 2014

Rabbit's Revenge

I've been in trouble again and it's not my fault. I blame the bunnies. Firstly they cause problems by eating the plants and flaunting themselves, tempting me to bark and chase them. Then, having escaped the jaws of doom, they get sick and die of their own accord. I indulged in a bit of bunny snacking, but was caught in the act by 'Her Indoors'. She wasn't best pleased - I don't know why, they put rabbit in dog food, so it's sheer hypocrisy. Anyway, for the sake of family harmony, she omitted to tell 'Him Indoors'. Unfortunately, all that raw meat upset my digestion overnight and I had a bad case of bunny flavoured flatulence. 'Him Indoors' complained about the dreadful smell in the kitchen and 'Her Indoors' acted all innocent, checking the bins and the drains when she knew it was me all along. Still, after a few days, I was back to regular but the downside is I'm being exercised on my lead in my own garden. The shame. As I said, it's not my fault.

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