Sunday, 24 August 2014

An Autumnal Tinge

The last week or so there's been more than a hint of autumn in the air. Now if I had to choose, autumn would probably be my favourite season. You often get some nice weather, but it's not too hot, plus it's the best time of year for edibles in the garden. It's a good opportunity for me to replenish my insulating layer before the cold weather sets in. On a bad day, 'Her Indoors' remembers to clear the windfall damsons before I get out there, but she often forgets and then it's a race to see how many of them I can eat before she chases me off. I don't worry about the stones - they pass through unscathed. Then there's the apples. 'Them Indoors' replaced the old trees so fruit was a bit thin on the ground last autumn, but there are a few promising looking ones on the trees this time around. I like a nice crunchy apple although I do find they tend to ferment a bit if I eat them to excess. Blackberries are also good and me and 'Her Indoors' have done a bit of fruit picking on my walks. They're particularly fine this year and I've been sourcing my own as well as a eating any dropped by 'Her Indoors'. Very tasty, although they are inclined to make your poos a bit black and pippy. There's also the berries off the laurel bushes in the garden. 'Them Indoors' are always a bit worried that they might be poisonous, but I've been eating them for years without any ill effects. As well as the things I directly eat, there's the joy of those I can't, but which attract other wildlife to the garden. The walnut tree is a classics example. 'Her Indoors' has to race the squirrel to the crop. To add insult to injury, the little critta burries the stolen surpless amongst her plants which doesn't go down very well. If I get half the chance it's not only his nuts that'll get buried I can tell you.

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