Saturday, 16 August 2014

Food, glorious food

It's taken over two weeks, but I'm finally back to normal eating.  In an effort to restore my health, 'Them Indoors' have been giving me homemade food.  I've had lots of white rice which is gentle on the stomach, although it takes some chewing, tends to get stuck in my teeth, and is a bit flavourless.  They combined it with scrambled egg (what's that all about?) which was my least favourite dish.  However, 'The Grandies' last weekend, gave me some roast chicken and that has been absolutely delicious.  The chicken definitely comes before the egg in my reckoning. This was followed by a gourmet dog food made out of organic ingredients which I have to admit is a cut above the usual stuff.  I've discovered a whole new culinary world and I'm not sure I'll want to go back.

On a different note, I gather Henry from next door has been in a spot of bother over a couple of chickens.  He had a 'Venton' moment at a friends' house apparently, and there were two unfortunate casualties, both of them feathered.  He has my sympathy - I've been in trouble over chickens myself in the past - but with my new found knowledge I can suggest a good solution to any disposal problems: roasting. 

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