Saturday, 13 December 2014

Pluses and Minuses

Well the indoor tree is back and the preparations are reaching a new intensity. 

'Her Indoors' had her work Christmas do last night, and crept in rather late. She was a bit tired this morning and was grumpy with me when I barked at the birds in the garden over breakfast - can't think why.

On the plus side, my Santa coat attracted a lot of attention last week. We often go out for a walk when the children are arriving for school and I got quite a few pats and favourable comments. I really like children as they are keen to play, have a good perspective on dietary supplements, and don't get bored by doing the same thing over and again.

Another plus is the increased use of the woodburner. Me and 'Him Indoors' settle down nicely on the sofa, although 'Her Indoors' got a bit miffed when 'Him Indoors' wanted to watch an arty film which she wasn't very keen on, and then promptly fell asleep. If she tried to turn it off, 'Him Indoors' would wake up just long enough to protest that he was watching it, and then, having secured his viewing, he fell back to sleep. Still, 'Her Indoors' got her own back. She took a photo of us both napping and posted it on Facebook. Apparently we got lots of 'likes'.

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