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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Pre-Christmas Tension

As accurately predicted, it's started.  'Her Indoors' has gained a slightly glazed expression and is wandering round clutching lists, bringing home lots of carrier bags, and internet shopping for all she's worth.  'Him Indoors' has already started grumbling about not spending too much money and the cost of it all, when the credit card bills haven't even started arriving yet. 

The twiggy reindeer with the evil eye has reappeared in the hall, apparently having survived a close encounter with the mice in the loft.  They gnawed their way through the plastic coverings, but, unfortunately, left him intact.  Give me a few minutes in the hall with him and I'll finish the job.

 'Her Indoors' has started dressing me in my red coat with the white fur trim again, which doesn't do my canine credibility much good but does endear me to all the local children which is a plus.  She also spent some time this morning sorting out the outside lights in the frosty sunshine which was rather nice.  She untangled the set and switched them on to check they were working, so whilst she had her back turned I had a little chew on the flex.  She turned round at the wrong moment and caught me in the act, which was rather unfortunate, otherwise I could have blamed the mice.  The lights at the end of the chain seem to have stopped working.  It's just as well they were low voltage, not that 'Her Indoors' seemed unduly concerned about me.  She just practiced a few of my alternative names and gave me a stern telling off.  I think she's suffering from that well know seasonal disorder, Pre-Christmas Tension..... 

Me, looking innocent!

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