Saturday, 20 December 2014

My Christmas address to the nation

Well it's almost upon us again. The indoor tree has been decorated, the presents are all wrapped and 'Her Indoors' has been busy imitating the great British Bake Off. I'm sure Mary Berry doesn't drop as much on the floor when she's baking, but I'm not complaining. I'm always happy to help with the clearing up.

I hope Santa Paws visits. I don't want to let the dog out of the bag, but if you've ever wondered how he gets past the canine home guard, all I can say is his tactics are a bit similar to Nice Postman with the biscuits......

I'd like to issue a big festive thank you to all my friends, whether dog or human. I'd particularly like to thank Milo for tolerating me eating his treats and rushing past him to Mr Milo, and, of course, I'd like to thank Mr Milo for reliably providing my dietary supplements. On the same note, I'd also like to thank Nice Postman for reversing my prejudices.

I'd like to thank my family for their unfaltering support, except 'Him Indoors' whose appreciation is always rather conditional. Whilst we are on that subject, I'd like to apologise both retrospectively and in advance for my many misdemeanours. I know I'm not reliably well behaved, but let's face it, I am fun and that's got to count for quite a bit in a sometimes rather sober world.

Thank you to all my blog readers. I've had almost 3,000 page views! Who'd think so many people would be interested in the everyday life of a small brown dog. Next year, I'm expanding my literary ambitions into a regular column with Magnet Magazine. I've provided an interview for January's edition so make sure you get a copy.

Have a great Christmas and don't hold back from festive indulgence - I certainly won't!

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