Saturday, 17 January 2015

Upside down

It's been an upside down kind of week.

Firstly, I was a good dog - accidentally. There's a new dog on the block, a rescue Parsons Jack Russell called Baxter who lives down the lane and who I've met a few times. We get on well - I like other terriers - but he's full of youngster energy which can be a bit wearisome. Still, he managed to escape his garden and was running up and down the lane, much to the distress of his pyjamaed owner who was worried about him reaching the main road. Once he saw me, he came up to be friendly and, as I was on my extendable lead, we were able to reel him in until he was within grabbing distance. His owner was very grateful and I got some nice fussing. Everyone was pleased with me, which is a rare experience.

I've also been unwell. I was clearly in pain and 'Them Indoors' were rather worried. So worried 'Her Indoors' took me to the vet and 'Him Indoors' didn't mention the cost once. Anyway, the vet was struggling to make a diagnosis. The problem is, I couldn't explain what's wrong - whoever heard of a talking dog? The turning point was when 'Her Indoors' showed him a photo she'd taken on her 'phone of me sitting awkwardly in my basket. That was the decider. Apparently I'm suffering from arthritis in my neck. I've got a pain in the neck rather than being a pain in the neck - how unusual. Still, they clearly got it right as I'm feeling a lot better.

Then I got drenched out for a walk in the rain. Occasionally dim drivers hit the water filled gullies and send up a sheet of water. This time 'Her Indoors' managed to skip out of the way and I got the full impact. I was soaked. 'Her Indoors' was very sympathetic and didn't laugh very much.....

As I said, an upside down kind of week.

The diagnostic photo of me suffering.....

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