Friday, 20 February 2015

Doggy Disputes

I'm in trouble again and it's not my fault.  Well, technically, it probably is, but there were seriously mitigating circumstances. I was walking with 'Her Indoors' this morning, when we met up with my friend and neighbour, Henry. We were having a nice sociable exchange, and our owners likewise, when another dog appeared. Henry tried to say hello, but got firmly rebuffed. The dog's owner was busy explaining how she was a rescue and was scared of other dogs, hence her reaction to Henry. 'Her Indoors' was being all sympathetic, but I took an instant dislike and started barking and pulling at my extendable lead. 'Her Indoors' hadn't fastened the safety catch properly so I was able to run, unchecked, towards the dog. 'Her Indoors' tried to rectify her error, but in all the hasty fumbling, ended up dropping the lead, which gave me unfettered access to express my views up close. 'Her Indoors', wielding her golfing umberella in a very unsympathetic manner, managed eventually to seperate us, and I got a very severe telling off. My little scuffle left me a bit tousled and aggravated my arthiritus, but I got precious little sympathy from 'Her Indoors' who was too busy engaged in apologising. Anyway, I've been in the dog house all day. 'Him Indoors' has been cashing in with some unseemly name calling but fortunately 'Junior Her' is returning from university tomorrow, for a reading week, which is just as well. I need someone to plead my case and I know no-one better.

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