Saturday, 28 February 2015

Tweeting Dogs

It's been a week of two significant discoveries.

The first has been Twitter.  I've found that there are hundreds, if not thousands of similarly afflicted dogs out there, in the Twittersphere and I've become a member of a select group of Tweeters, the Border Terrier Posse.  To be a member, you need to be a Border Terrier, or Border Terrier cross, with your own Twitter account.  I had to acquire an e-mail account in order to establish a Twitter one, and I had to lie about my age (I hope 'Her Indoors' doesn't find out, she's not big on telling fibs) as 12 was too young according to Google.  Anyway, after years of blogging, I'm out there sharing my concise words of wisdom with the world.  I've learnt that 'BT' is short for Border Terrier and not a telephone service provider, and 'noms' means food. 'Junior Her' had to help with that one - 'Her Indoors' hasn't a clue, bless her. Anyway, I also discovered that a rubber ball addiction, chasing squirrels and sourcing your own food, are all very popular hobbies and that BTs are a friendly bunch.  Move off the laptop 'Her Indoors', the world awaits!

I've also discovered bean bags.  'Junior Her' is back from university for her reading week, so I've been usurped on the sofa and 'Her Indoors' took pity on me, letting me have the bean bag in front of the wood burner - absolute bliss.  They mold to your shape and give complete support - where have they been all my life!  Two life changing discoveries in one week can't be bad....

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