Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Meaning of Life

This has been a thought provoking week. The younger brother of 'Him Indoors' died on Wednesday after a long illness, so in between loving my family and sending sympathetic vibes to my bereaved dogs-in-law, Ollie and Archie, of the light bulb eating fame, I've been pondering the meaning of life.

Now I'm not a religious dog, after all, most of the major ones don't reckon dogs have souls, so we're excluded from that club really, but my mantra for life is as follows:

Live life to the full and extract every ounce of happiness and mischief from any given situation. Don't worry what others think of you, it spoils the fun and, ultimately, who gives a s**t! Try to do a bit of good and as little harm as possible, although squirrels and rabbits are excluded from that last bit. Love your family and friends as they'll be with you to the end. Bark at those you don't like and be prepared to defend those you do until your last breath. Play ball until you drop, eat until you can eat no more, drink beer when you get the chance and go out waving a frisbee, running in the sun.

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