Saturday, 21 March 2015

Twitter Talk

Although I've blogged for years and shared my views on life in a variety of publications leading to my column in Magnet Magazine (, Twitter is a new revolation. I like to think I've adapted pretty quickly but there are one or two things I'd like to clarify: 

*     I would communicate in Twitter speak, but 'Her Indoors' is an English teacher and writer by trade, so I'd be banned from using the laptop and I-pad if my writing was less than perfect in terms of grammar and punctuation.

*     I've been busy, as a newbie, interpreting Twitter speak. My conclusions are as follows, but please correct me if I'm wrong...

BT = Border Terrier - that one was relatively simple....
BOL = Bark Out Loud, the canine equivalent of LOL
Pawsome = handsome
Humums and humdads = I get where you're coming from, but they'll always be 'Them Indoors' to me.
Zoomin' = what we BTs do best - running around and getting into everything.
Noms = food! What we BTs love so much.
OTR or over the rainbow - tricky this one, but I suspect it means when we stop zoomin' and go to the big kennel in the sky... 'Him Indoors' had a brother who made that trip a couple of weeks ago. RIP Paul Stockton
Tweet up - when twitters meet?
Zombie squad - not a clue! Help anyone?

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