Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sentimental Old Dog

'Junior Her ' has just celebrated her twentieth birthday. Now call me a sentimental old dog, but what happened to the little eight year old girl who pleaded with her Dad to buy her a dog? Nobody else could have achieved what she achieved and according to family legend she deployed every weapon in her junior female armory in order to do so. And here I am!

After all these years, she still is my biggest fan. She worries about my welfare, pleads my case, eloquently, when I'm in trouble, and spends time indulging in tummy tickling, ear fondling and pleasant alternative names such as 'gorgeous boy' and 'darling dog'. It makes a change from those practiced by 'Him Indoors' I can tell you! I might be getting old but I know who I like and who I don't and 'Junior Her' is top of my list! 

Me and 'Junior Her' at our first meeting.  She's so cute!

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