Sunday, 10 May 2015

When in Rome...

'Them Indoors' have been to Rome leaving me with a nice lady called Ros, and her dogs. They've got a good sized garden, a bit like ours, and some woods to walk in, so it was a bit of a home from home. I took to hoovering up all the balls and, in spite of a character reference from 'Her Indoors' that would have made Ronnie Biggs blush, I was still able to swipe some Marmite on toast when they weren't looking. I was also allowed to choose my own sleeping arrangements and I have to say it was kind of Ros's son to share his space with me. At home I'm firmly in the kitchen.

Anyway, I'm not a dog to bestow my blessings easily, but Cozy Pet Lodge gets a thumbs up from me. Ros doesn't have many dog slots, as she only takes a maximum of three at a time, but she also does small furries such as Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.  If I was one (an interesting thought!) I'd definitely want to stay there.

Unfortunately 'Him Indoors' picked up a stomach bug so their last couple of days weren't so good. Maybe he should have stayed where I stayed - I'm in fine fettle. Just a thought for next time as he likes Marmite on toast too. I bet he'd be more trouble than me though.

I'm not saying 'Her Indoors' missed me, or maybe it was just one marble bust too many, but there's a bit of a theme to her museum photos.

Extra noms, thanks pal!
A dog as big as 'Him Indoors' - I'd like him as my friend!
I didn't do anything honestly - I just found this lying around....
We used to be the centre of attention until that baby came along - 'jealous ears'!
I'm not sure what they're up to but I'm having a kip!
You keep an eye on them and I'll check out the bowl contents...
You kip (who are they?), I kip, we kip
I'm not sure this love is truely requitted
Stick your hand out, here comes the number thirty six
I like sausages.....

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