Tuesday, 7 July 2015


 Since the little bunny eating episode and the subsequent repair of the fence, I've been annoying 'Her Indoors' by continually checking that the defences are holding and that I can't sneak through to next door and do some bunny snacking in Basil's garden again.  She's been watching me like a hawk when I'm outside, and if I disappear for any length of time, she comes to see what I'm up to, which is slightly disconcerting for the enterprising dog.  Anyway, she couldn't find me last week and I had gone selectively deaf and wasn't responding to her calling.  Knowing where I'd be, she ventured into the thick shrubbery, like an intrepid explorer, to disrupt my bunny watching, and, by chance, came upon a rather nice garden statue that had been hiding there, undiscovered, for the nine years plus that we've lived in this house.  So suddenly I found myself 'Ol' Mr Popular Ears' which made a nice change I can tell you.  She's clearly the twin sister of one of the other statues in the garden, and close relative of two more, so she's found her 'Forever Home', with her family, in our back border.  It's nice to do something good for a change.

Look what I've found!
Clearly the twin sister of this young lady

She's even got her own pet.....
Frisky cousins perhaps....
And her big sister!
Young female, abandoned by her family, finds her 'Forever Home'!

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