Sunday, 18 October 2015

Forest Friendly!

I had the best time today, meeting up with some of my Twitter friends from the BT Posse, for a Children-in-Need mini tweet-up.  I've been in training all week, doing as little exercise as possible to save my energy, and it was worth all that effort.  I managed about an hours walking, broken by a pleasant interlude at the pub half way.

Now I'm not saying that all dog-owners aren't nice people, but the family behind the fur of the BT Posse are rather special.  So thank you to Mr Reg for the drinks and crisps, although I notice 'Her Indoors' didn't share her half pint of Harveys.  Thanks to Mrs Reg for the treats and I apologise to you and Reg for pinching his as well.  For an old dog I'm amazingly quick off the mark where food's concerned.  Thanks also to Skipper's humum for the delicious sausages and the lovely pirate biscuits, although again, 'Her Indoors' was a bit remiss in the sharing of the latter.  I think it's fair to say everyone discovered that my notorious 'food focus' isn't exagerated, that my 'most appealing eyes' are in fine working order, and that it's no good having such talents if you don't deploy them to best advantage. 

We were an amiable group of dogs who didn't squabble over anything and who totally understood that there was something in the woods that Skipper found really exciting and wanted to share.  We discovered another BT at the pub, but she wasn't really the sociable type, and a very friendly senior terrier called Harry, who we gave a Children-in-Need bandana to so that he didn't feel left out.

Best of all, we've raised £215 so far for Children-in-Need so thanks to all of you who've donated, you're pawsome, and if you haven't and would like to, just click here

Attractive ears - and 'Her Indoors' aren't bad either!

Where's the treats Pals?
Skipper hoping for a sip of Harvey's
Guess what's being waved around just out of camera shot to get that 'focused' look! From left to right, Skipper, me and Reg
I know you're not a BT, Pal, but you're welcome to join in

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  1. Absolutely excellent work Mr Rolo. I am so sorry we could not be there in the end.