Saturday, 31 October 2015

Present presents!

It's still a few weeks to my birthday, and even longer to Christmas, but I've received my first presents.  'Her Indoors' got an e-mail from Adele, the editor of Magnet, the magazine that features my monthly column (click here) announcing that she was sending a parcel with a couple of items they are selling in their shop, Saffron and Sycamore in Uckfield, for me to try.  Now as I'm a dog, I don't get much post, so I waited excitedly for 'Nice Postman with the Biscuits' to perform his delivery duty that usually, in my estimation, comes a poor second to his role of feeding the local dogs with treats.  Having received my parcel, I tore into it with my usual briskness; we terriers are good at unwrapping.  Unfortunately I accidentally took a small bite out of the nice letter that they'd sent to accompany the items but I chewed it up well.  'Her Indoors' managed to rescue the parcel contents before they suffered the same fate and I have to say I was suitably impressed.  I've got a tasteful new coat that adds a layer of faux fur over my own and will be very useful when it gets cold.  I also got a Christmas stocking, in the shape of a bone, with the words 'For a very good dog' written on it!  They've obviously got a high, if rather eronious picture of me at Magnet, so let's hope Santa Paws is similarly deluded when it comes to filling it with presents in less than two month's time.  I have to say though, he's always struck me as a particularly canny old chap who seems to know what's what, so we'll just have to see....Anyway, a warm, fur covered 'thank you' to my friends at Magnet, and if you see a Border Terrier out and about in a rather smart coat, that'll be me!

Opening my post

A nice letter from my pals at Magnet

Not sure I'm a 'Posh Pet'....!

Do you think Santa Paws will fall for it...?

Looking very smart

Warm and cosy