Sunday, 8 May 2016

Hectic High Living!

Well it's been rather a hectic few days for a dog of senior years.  Firstly, we've had my book launch.  Although I have my blog, my magazine column with Magnet Magazine and my daily tweets as part of the #BTPosse, I didn't feel like I'd fully reached my literary potential, so I decided to write a book. It charts a year of my life in the form of diary/blog entries and gives me an opportunity to expound my views on 'Them Indoors', some interesting little mishaps which were definitely not my fault, and life in general.  Initially we had hopes of getting a mainstream publisher, but they didn't seem keen on having a dog on their list of writers, I can't think why, so I've taken out a loan from 'Her Indoors' new car fund, and published my own.  She can wait a bit longer for her next Mini, my opportunity to bark back at the world big style, is far more important.

We've had a nice lady, Sally C Greenfield, providing the illustrations.  She is a local artist who specialises in dogs and horses, as well as being a Border Terrier breeder, so we are an ideal match.  She's certainly caught my personality, which is no mean feat on a small piece of paper, and 'Him Indoors' has used a couple of her drawings for the cover.  'Her Indoors' has done the publication side of things and has done her best, bless her, but listing on Amazon has had her baffled for weeks, although she reckons she's finally cracked it now..... or is that cracked up?

We've had a frankly touching level of support from the BT Posse, family, friends and colleagues, with over eighty copies sold since we went 'live'.  Our 'launch' do on Friday evening was great - I don't often go to parties.  There were lots of people I knew, a pleasing number of juniors, a posh drinking bowl for my refreshments and someone managed to sneak me some cake when 'Her Indoors' was distracted.  My only regret is that I didn't get any Prosecco.  Still, I'm not sure the bubbles would have had an agreeable effect on my digestion, which might have caused some problems on the way home.  Anyway, if you haven't yet managed to buy a copy of 'The Last Rolo', it's for sale in the following places, just click on the underlined bits to get taken directly there:

Local shops
  • Saffron and Sycamore in Uckfield
  • Heals Shop in Five Ashes
  • Barnett's of Wadhurst
  • The Courtyard, Rotherfield
  • The Malthouse, Herstmonceux
  • Looking a bit dishevelled!
    Caught, in an intimate moment...!
    Shame about the lead - trust issues!
    Cutting the cake
    The sweet that was named after me!
    I've also been along to the Surrey BT Tweet-up which was a lot of fun.  Something went wrong and the weather was perfect: dry, warm and sunny.  I used my new car seat and we had the roof down so I like to think we arrived with class.  All I need now is some cool dude shades and I'd totally look the part.  Anyway, we met, and we snootered, in true BT style.  I didn't need carrying this time, although Terrier Typist was on hand just in case I did, and Mr Mike kindly offered me a lift in his off-roader, which was particularly forgiving after me weeing on his wheels a couple of times and repeatedly climbing on board to try and access his store of treats.  I also tried to raid 'Her Indoors' picnic but was kept firmly on a short lead.  I did manage to sample the salad cream which I think is a life-time first - that'll teach her for taking so long in sharing the cold sausage.  We concluded with a little impromptu book signing next to the car park which was rather nice.  Having driven home, I rather spoilt my welcome by revisiting the sausage I had for lunch, narrowly missing 'Him Indoors' feet.  I blame 'Her Indoors'.  She really aught to drive more slowly round the corners.  Who does she think she is, Sterling Moss?  Anyway, it's been a great weekend and it's not all over yet.  I've got a radio interview tomorrow morning with Uckfield FM.  What could possibly go wrong.....
  • Cooling off - good shaking ears Pal!
    Hurry up 'Her Indoors', we don't want to be left behind
    The line up - I'm not posing for anyone Pal!


  1. Well done you on your book, will look for a copy. Glad you had a good time with your bt posse ....a lovely day, by the looks of it. Janice & Rolo xx

  2. It was super to have you on our manor Mr Rolo...Clapton

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