Sunday, 15 May 2016

Rolo on the radio!

Now I'm a dog of varied life experiences, but last Monday was a first: I was on the radio! I'm a keen listener but I've never heard a dog on the airwaves before. It was nice of Tony from Uckfield FM to have me in for a little chat about my literary career in general, and my book in particular. I let 'Her Indoors' have a go too. She tends to ride on my coat tails a bit but what can I tell you, I'm a generous fur. Tony was clearly a nice, dog-loving sort of chap, and he wasn't too fussy about a bit of dog hair on his furniture. True he was very quick to attribute the source of the heavy breathing, but then he probably didn't want any confusion with less reputable listening services. I think my shaking gave a certain atmosphere to our interview, and my efforts to climb on and under the deck were only hampered by 'Her Indoors' hanging on tightly. I'm sure I could have found a piece of cable to chew on given an unsupervised moment or two. I could have suggested a few tracks: 'Paperback Writer' by the Beetles perhaps or maybe 'Puppy Love' by Jimmy Osmond. Still, it was good to broadcast directly to the fine people of Uckfield and I thoroughly enjoyed my new experience. I'm on 'listen again' at www.uckfieldfm if you're interested.....
I'm sure those headphones would fit!
Thought I'd let 'Her Indoors' have a go...
Trying to climb onto the deck!


  1. Hi Rolo, what a superstar you are !!! I've received your book in the post and noticed her indoors has signed on your behalf, well you can't be spending all your time signing books when you could be out catching rabbits!!!! Looking forward to reading the book. Janice & Rolo xxxx

  2. Paw some work Mr more than you deserve...