Sunday, 30 September 2012

Barriers to Communication

I've tried hard with 'Them Indoors' over the years, and I think I've got them fairly well trained, but there are moments when there seems to be a bit of a gulf in our mutual understanding.  Clearly, I don't speak English (a talking dog, don't be ridiculous) but I understand everything they say.  I try and pretend I don't of course, because dogs are only supposed to recognise about twenty words.  The problem is, they don't speak dog.  'Her Indoors' tries when we play our evening game with a rubber ball, chasing me under the table.  I mock growl at her and she mock growls back.  She's no idea what she's saying, poor lamb, and some of that language certainly didn't come from me (I blame Midge the farm dog), but I appreciate the effort.

Anyway, last night I had a bit of a crisis.  I lost my ball behind the freezer which is situated in an alcove in the kitchen.  I tried the usual tactic of wimpering and runing to the alcove.  'Her Indoors' got the general idea and did a brief search around the sides of the freezer.  When she couldn't find it she gave up and told me to stop being silly as it clearly wasn't there.  It took me about an hour, and then I had to squeeze along side the freezer and try and get around the back myself, before they finally twigged what was wrong.  'Him Indoors' moved the freezer out so that I could dash in and collect my ball but the whole sorry saga was frankly exhausting.  Honestly, try as you might, you just can't get the staff these days.......

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