Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Vanishing Summer

Throughout the summer, 'Her Indoors' goes into the garden to water her pots, baskets and vegetables every evening, and I view this as our quality time.  She shares her views on the plants and the rabbits and I follow her hopefully around with my ball which she throws for me whilst waiting for the watering can to fill.  I also assist with the watering, which she doesn't really appreciate (I like to think it gives the home grown veg that distinctive flavour) and chase the rabbits, which she does appreciate.  Anyway, autumn has clearly arrived because our little excursions after the washing up have faded into darkness, and me sitting on the mat by the back door looking hopeful, isn't reviving them.  I suppose that's another summer over, but looking on the bright side, it can't be long now before they light the wood burner - great!

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