Sunday, 2 September 2012

Saint Rolo

It's official - I've been a good dog!  I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I went for my normal Sunday morning walk with 'Him and Her Indoors', and I didn't bark at Midge the farm dog.  Actually, he was engaged in official business, moving the sheep from one field to another, along the lane, so he couldn't allow himself to be distracted otherwise chaos, of the wooly kind, would have ensued.  I didn't bark at the sheep either, which was a big temptation. 'Her Indoors' had moved me a safe distance away, to try and reduce that risk, when along came another one of my barking prompts, a big clippy-cloppy horse.  'Her Indoors' groaned audibly and got the bribery treats out, but I resisted and didn't bark.  After much praising and lots of foody bits, we continued with our walk and met the same horse coming back.  I didn't bark at it then either.  'Her Indoors' couldn't believe my good behaviour and muttered something to 'Him Indoors' about getting me checked out at the vets.  I'm feeling fine actually, and she doesn't need to worry, it won't last.

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