Saturday, 10 November 2012

Fame at Last!

'Her Indoors' has been writing about me again.  I'm in December's issue of Dogs Monthly  - 'The Geriatrics' - blooming cheek!  She's dragged some old friends of mine into it too.  It's when she gets together with the former dog walking group.  We don't actually walk together any more as we've all moved location and owners have changed jobs etc, so we dogs don't benefit from our regular social interaction, but 'Her Indoors' still ensures that she does.  She meets up with them every now and then for a meal and a chat and  I'm not sure who's a bad influence on who.

Anyway, it's just as well I can keep an eye on what she's up to.  'Junior Her' used to read to me when I was a puppy and she thought I wasn't taking it in and was just intent on chewing the book, but I'm smarter than I look.

I gather 'Her Indoors' has also had a children's short story shortlisted in a national writing competition.  It featured a very handsome and cute Border Terrier called Rolo.  I'm going to have to get an agent at this rate to make sure I'm not being exploited......

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