Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunny Days, Strange Dogs

It was one of those nice crisp autumnal days which, as Sundays are usually my decent walk day, was rather fortunate.  Anyway, the world and his dog were out walking this morning.  I even got a very distant sighting of my old enemy, Midge the farm dog.  'Her Indoors' has a kind of Pavlovian response to sightings of Midge - she starts telling me off before I've even done anything.  We saw a black dog with a bad perm and a curly tail.  I suspect a touch of poodle.  Then we saw a giant Schnauzer who seemed quite friendly in a bushy eyebrowed, whiskery kind of way.  He was walking with a Westie who I haven't seen before either.  At the end of our walk there's a house with some Norfolk Terriers and they were out in the garden.  They barked at me through the hedge.  What a racket.  Honestly, they give terriers a bad name.

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