Sunday, 9 December 2012

Seasonal Madness

It's happening again.  'Them Indoors' are having a funny five minutes.  They've started putting coloured lights up and carting trees indoors.  It's occurred before, on an infrequent but regular basis, so I'm not too worried.  When I was a young dog, I was hopeful that installing a tree in the house meant the provision of an inside loo - what else are trees good for - but I was soon disabused of that fantasy.  A pity really, it would have saved on those trips outdoors late at night, necessary, but a bit chilly at this time of year. 

'Her Indoors' has bought me a new coat; red with a white fur trim.  It seems to attract quite a bit of attention when I'm out and about, particularly from children, which is nice.  I bumped into that Golden Retriever from up the road the other morning when I was wearing it, and I swear he grimaced.  I can't say as I'm bothered.  He's got long blond hair in wavy lengths so who can take him seriously anyway.

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