Sunday, 16 December 2012

Seasonal Tribulations

I've been a bit neglected over the last week.  As a dog who's seen a few years, I recognise the signs.  Once they start the indoor tree thing, 'Her Indoors' in particular begins to get a bit more harassed than normal and I start to experience a decline in my standard of living.  The walks have got a bit shorter, and when that occurs regularly, over a week or so, I start to develop a bit of pent up energy.  I manage to dissipate it a little through some displacement activities.  I found a few spare tissues and shredded them, which upset 'Her Indooors' a little - I can't think why - it was a bit like indoor snow.  Then she dropped a few pegs so I had a little chew on those.  'Her Indoors' was annoyed.  How can you have 'best' pegs - I ask you!  Then, with the cold weather, I tend to get a bit more peckish than normal so have to source my own food on walks.  'Her Indoors' has got so uptight about it that she's stopped letting me off the lead on the playing fields.  I can't think why.  I've had a few afternoons when I've felt a bit ill and have had to nibble a bit of foliage in the garden.  It makes me sick of course, but there's always the kitchen floor, and 'Her Indoors' is very good in the cleaning up department.  Anyway, she took the hint and I had a decent walk this morning.  I even saw Midge the farm dog and had a woof at him.  I think he might have been taking the micky due to my Santa coat, but he should know better.  It's what distinguishes us dogs of leisure from the working variety, and I know which I prefer.  Still, a good bark at Midge did me a power of good.  I had to have a little sleep when I got home.  I woke up just in time to greet 'Junior Him' who's back from university.  It was good to see him again.  Christmas can't be that far away.

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