Saturday, 22 December 2012

Webbed Feet and Santa Paws

It was another wet walk this morning.  'Her Indoors' takes her dog owning duties very seriously, so we're out whatever the weather.  Pouring rain engenders the Dunkirk spirit with encouraging comments to me, general moaning about the rain specifically and the British climate in general, plus some choice expletives at the cars who drive through the puddles too quickly and send up a wave of water to further dampen the intrepid pedestrian.  When I get to the point of looking truly miserable, she gives in and we both turn rapidly about heel and set off briskly for a de-robing in the lobby and a nice brisk rub down with kitchen roll - me, not her. 

Still, the advantage of the bad weather and the time of year is that 'Her Indoors' and 'Junior Her' have been indulging in a frenzy of home baking.  I must say that it's very companionable having both of them in the kitchen, listening to Christmas music and scattering various delicious edibles over the kitchen floor for me.  It was savoury stars yesterday, gingerbread before that, and I gather mince pies are on the menu for today.  Excellent!  I love Christmas.

I hope the bad weather doesn't stop Santa Paws from getting through.  I'd like a new laptop so I don't have to share with 'Her Indoors', but as I haven't been a very good dog, I don't think that's likely.  Still, I'd settle for a new toy and some edibles.

I don't imagine there'll be time for another post before Christmas, so I'd like to thank all of you out there for the 556 page views this year and wish you a very happy Christmas.  Remember to eat too much and drink too much - I intend to.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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