Sunday, 27 January 2013

Support Services

It's been a rather chaotic week in our household.  Firstly, the snow persisted and walks in the lanes got rather dicey due to the compacted snow and ice.  I almost slipped over once and I've got four wheel drive.  Then 'Him Indoors' disappeared off to Switzerland for a couple of days, as if there wasn't enough of the white stuff here.  It's always a bit dodgy when 'Him Indoors' is away as he usually gives me my breakfast.  'Her Indoors' isn't at her brightest and best first thing.  I think it might have been Jean Paul Sartre who said 'Hell is other people at breakfast' and that's a view I suspect 'Her Indoors' would agree with.  Anyway, I have to do a lot of sitting around looking hungry, and staring pointedly at my bowl, resorting to pathetic whimpering as a last resort.  'Him Indoors' is much more reliable.  'Her Indoors' and 'Junior Her' disappeared off to London for the day mid-week.  'Junior Her' had a university interview and I was left home alone for the day.  'Her Indoors' arranged for my occasional carer to call, in her dog-walking van, and we played ball in the garden which was rather nice, but it wasn't the same as having your own  family around you.  And then to cap it all, 'Him and Her Indoors' disappeared off to a concert in London yesterday.  True, 'Junior Him' came back to keep me and 'Junior Her' company, which was rather nice of him - I don't know what I'd do without my support services - but I thought it was a bit rich.  Don't they realise we dogs are pack animals?

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