Saturday, 19 January 2013

A White World

It's snow again.  Fortunately it's not as deep yet as it's been in previous years, so my extremities are safe for the moment.  Snow is quite exciting, at least initially.  It holds scent very effectively so I get a much better report on what's been happening in my absence when I venture onto the playing fields.  I saw 'that golden retriever from up the road' there this morning.  It had obviously all gone to his head.  He was frolicking around, rolling in the snow, and behaving in an unseemly, young dog fashion.  I've seen a few winters so I favour a more pragmatic approach.  I donned my coat and trotted along sensibly in the tyre tracks, down the lanes.  Still, there are a few advantages.  'Him Indoors' worked from home yesterday and 'Her Indoors'  came back at lunch time so I had a bit of extra company.  And in the evening, they lit the wood burner early.  I was allowed a lap and me and 'Her Indoors' had a little snooze in front of the fire.  Bliss!
Braving the cold with 'Her Indoors'
Defrosting in front of the woodburner

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