Saturday, 2 February 2013

TV Guides

'Them Indoors' watched a programme about dogs on the TV last night.  There were lots of puppies which sent 'Her' and 'Junior Her' into an unnecessary flutter.  'Him Indoors' retained his composure however, and muttered darkly about chewing and incontinence.  He's got a long memory, I'll give him that.  Anyway, they discovered that dogs don't actually see in black and white.  We can manage certain colours, but we don't do too well with red and orange, which explains why I keep loosing my ball.  I need one in blue.  Apparently, dogs are much more likely to be successful guide dogs if their fur swirls in an anti-clockwise direction and they are right pawed.  It indicates a biddable, well behaved dog whereas those who are left pawed with clockwise swirls tend to be independent individuals, likely to come up with unusual solutions and to be be a bit unpredictable.  I'm not much into fur swirls, I'm a Border Terrier for heavens sake, but guess which category I fall into in the paw department?  That's my alternative career path terminated then.  'Him' and 'Her Indoors' came and cajoled me out of my bed so that they could check which paw I moved first when walking.  They had already correctly guessed of course.  Still, at least they understand better why the smoke alarm is so painful to me and what little gems we dogs really are.  The TV can be useful.  It's not all Jeremy Kyle and Eastenders after all.

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