Monday, 11 March 2013

Show Time

I managed to watch a bit of Crufts on Saturday.  The mini-agility was good and there was a lean, toned Border Terrier doing their stuff, I'm pleased to report.  I thought the Miniature Poodles were very agile too so I barked at them, just to show I'm not partisan.  There's more to poodles than a fancy hair-do that's for sure.  Which reminds me of an old joke - How do you know it's raining cats and dogs?  You step in a poodle.....

Anyway, a Labrador made it into the final selection, and I gather came second overall, which is good news.  I've known a few nice Labradors over the years and there's a couple in the family.  He was a nice looking dog.  I wonder if he's ever eaten a whole light bulb?

I know Crufts has attracted a bit of controversy over the years.  As a pedigree dog myself (yes, I like to think I hide it well), from a long line of distinguished Border Terriers, I have to say that buying a known breed has the advantage of giving you a fair idea of what you're getting (unless they happened to be left pawed with clockwise fur swirls of course).  But I do think that the dog's health and well-being should be at the very centre of any breed standard.  Flat faces, big eyes, folds of skin and long backs are all fine, provided they don't cause the dog health problems.  If they do, then adjust the standard so they're not such extreme features.  And cross-breeds are fine too.  In fact, most dogs are fine with me, except Midge the Farm dog and That Golden Retriever from up the Road, and that's got nothing to do with breed, it's more the cut of their jib.

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