Saturday, 24 August 2013

Things That Go Bump in the Night

'Them Indoors' don't really understand me. 

Normally at night, I go out in the garden last thing, for my necessary ablutions, and then return to my basket in the kitchen, and go to sleep.  But every now and then I don't settle.  I refuse to go back into my basket and wander around the kitchen, looking miserable.  I then sit by the kitchen door and, if left to my own devices, bark intermittently through the night.  It drives 'Him' and 'Her Indoors' nuts.  'Her Indoors' is usually reasonably sympathetic the first time she comes to try and settle me, but after that it all goes downhill rapidly.  I don't know how she managed when 'Junior Him' and 'Her' were little; she doesn't like her sleep interrupted.  I think they always used to shout for 'Him Indoors' and I can't say I blame them. Eventually, I usually get shut out in the lobby where they can't hear me.  I settle down then and go to sleep.

They've indulged in lots of hypothesizing as to why I do this, when I can go for months settling happily every night.  They've blamed windy weather for making noises outside, foxes or animals unknown for frolicking in the garden, indigestion, you name it.  They haven't got a clue; as I said, they don't really understand me. I would share the real reason but I suspect that they might read my blog from time to time and I don't want to dispel my air of mystery.  It's what keeps me interesting.

Anyway, I could with a little nap.  All that nocturnal activity has left me a bit tired....

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