Sunday, 15 September 2013


I've been abandoned!  'Junior Her' has gone to university.  This is a serious issue as she is my staunchest supporter and defender in times of trouble.  It was 'Junior Her' who persuaded 'Him Indoors' to get me in the first place, which is probably a feat only she could have managed as he doesn't like dogs.  She has since stuck by me through thick and thin.  True she gets a bit upset if my terrier nature gets the better of me and I harm anything furry or feathered.  And she doesn't like it when I catch and eat Daddy Long Legs or spiders, particularly when I leave their legs poking out from between my teeth.  I'd have thought she'd be grateful as she doesn't like them herself.  Still, she's an excellent ally.  I remember one time I was sent inside for making too much noise, after a particularly vocal afternoon in the garden.  'Junior Her' was quite indignant and told 'Her Indoors' that she was inhibiting my natural mode of expression and that if she didn't want a woofy dog she shouldn't have bought a terrier.  I have high hopes of her becoming a human rights lawyer. 'Junior Him' has gone back to university today as well.  I'm bereft.  Thank goodness for Skype.

A message to my absent family members

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