Monday, 23 September 2013

Empty Nest and Empty Stomach

It hasn't been my best week.  I've been trying to adjust to not having 'Junior Him and Her' around, and it hasn't been easy.  My job description is 'family pet' and I'm not sure what my role is now that half my family has disappeared.  My only consolation has been eating.  I succeeded with the man who carries dog treats in his pocket when he walks his own dog, who I've recently discovered is called Milo.  Anyway, I've tried directly accessing his pocket by jumping up, but 'Her Indoors' told me off,  so I've tried looking hungry, but that didn't produce the required result.  At the weekend, Mrs Owner was there too, so I did my best sitting to attention and looking winsome.  It worked!  Mrs Owner was taken with my cuteness and a treat was forthcoming.  I shall look out for them eagerly every morning now.

Unfortunately I overdid my comfort eating whilst spending the day in the garden on Saturday.   'Him and Her Indoors' were preoccupied with hedge cutting and there's so much food around at this time of year. Anyway, I had an upset stomach in the night and the kitchen floor suffered as a consequence.  'Him Indoors' was the first one down and he wasn't happy to say the least.  He got 'Her Indoors' to clear up.  After all, having a dog wasn't his idea; nasty, unhygienic creatures that cost money and pong a bit.  Well there was a bit of an aroma in the kitchen, in fairness, and unhygienic is probably putting it rather mildly, if I'm honest.  I didn't even have 'Junior Her' to plead mitigation, although she did try over the 'phone as I heard 'Him Indoors' roar "What do you mean 'Poor Rolo'!"  I do miss her. 

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