Sunday, 29 September 2013

TV Wisdom

There's a series of programs on the TV about dogs which 'Him and Her Indoors' have been watching.  Last week's was about the intelligence of dogs and they put different breeds through their paces.  One test included putting a blanket loosely over the unsuspecting canine's head, and seeing how long it took them to remove it.  I should have guessed what was coming next - the BBC should be a bit more responsible.  Before I could say 'remote control' I had a blanket put over my head.  It took me about three seconds which is just behind the Border Collie on the program.  I'm not a bad looser, it's just that I'm a small dog and it was rather a big blanket.  Anyway, the Border Collie romped home on all the intelligence tests which has given me food for thought with regard to my old rival, Midge the Farm Dog.  I hate to admit it, but I'm guessing he's pretty smart.  I bumped into him this morning for the first time in a while, and, in deference to his likely canine mastermind status, I didn't bark too much, and he responded in kind.  We even allowed Bob the farmer, Mrs Bob and 'Them Indoors' to have a little chat.  Midge did sidle up to 'Him Indoors' for a quick scratch behind the ears which, not that I'm a jealous kind of dog, was a bit of a cheek.  The lanes might belong to Midge but 'Him Indoors' is definitely mine.  Later in our walk we met the smallest dog in the village who was bouncing along in his normal chipper fashion.  I hope no-one throws a blanket over his head - he'd never be seen again. 

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